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Leaving Certificate Applied Accredited Grades (5LCA1)


Important information for Parent(s)/ Guardian(s) of 5th year Leaving Certificate Applied Students:

All 5th year LCA students have the option of 'opting-in ' to recieve accredited grades for 2021 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic this will mean that the students have a choice to present for State Examinations this year in orals/ tasks /Assessments and Specialisms and /or accept the Accredited Grade.

We would ask you to discuss this with your son/ daughter and confirm his/her selection for accredited grades by clicking here.

Please complete the form by Wed 28th April 2pm.

If you have any questions about the accredited grades process please contact the LCA Co-ordinator Ms. Donovan.

For further details please see below:

How are accredited grades worked out?

An accredited grade is based on an estimated mark you would get in that subject in the Leaving Certificate exam. In 2020, the term calculated grade was used.

SEC accredited grades will be offered to students taking the following Leaving Certificate programmes:

There are a number of steps involved in getting to an accredited grade:

Step 1: Estimated mark and ranking by your teacher

Your teacher will give you an estimate of the mark you would likely have got if you sat the Leaving Certificate exam in normal conditions.

Your teacher will use records of your performance and progress to get your estimated mark, for example: classwork and homework, class assessments and your coursework over the 2 years of the Leaving Certificate cycle.

Step 2: In-school alignment by subject teachers in your school

Subject teachers in your school will then review the estimated marks and ranking of students in that school. Your teacher will finalise their estimated percentage marks and rankings following this alignment process.

If the school has only one teacher of the subject, the ranking review will be done with the deputy principal.

Step 3: Oversight of marks and rankings by the school principal

The school principal will review the marks and ranking data and assure themselves that the process has been fair.

Step 4: National standardisation

Your school principal will submit the estimated marks for national standardisation by 3 June 2021.

After the standardisation process, the marks will be converted into SEC accredited grades.

You can read a guide to State examinations and accredited grades for Leaving Certificate students 2021 (pdf) and a guide to State examinations and accredited grades for Leaving Certificate Applied students 2021 (pdf) for more detailed information.

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