1st Year Maths

Download: 1st Year Common Introductory Course


Mathematics Department / Roinn na Matamaitice

 First Year Curriculum Common Introductory Course



  • Natural Numbers                                                       
  • Integers                                                          
  • Fractions                                                                    
  • Decimals                                                                    
  • Sets                                                                 


  • Algebra
  • Percentages
  • Probability


Christmas Examination: Common Exam given to all First Years in DecemberTime: 1 hour. Questions: To be agreed amongst all teachersThe result of this exam alone should be put on the Christmas report with a comment 


  • Perimeter & Area
  • Geometry 1: Points – Angles – Lines
  • Ratio & Proportion


  • Collecting Data
  • Coordinates
  • Solving Equations
  • Geometry 2 – Triangles

 TERM 3:          EASTER TO SUMMER                   

  • Presenting Data
  • Measure
  • Transformation Geometry

                        Revision of Topics covered in year

Summer Examination:Common Exam given to all First Year students formally in the hall in May.Time:1 hourQuestions: To be agreed amongst all teachersThe result of this exam alone should be put on the Summer report with a comment.


Choose appropriate exercises from the textbook relevant to the material covered in examples given in class.

Suggested time: Minimum 1 hour per week. (15 minutes per night, 4 nights a week)


  • Regular chapter tests in class at the end of every chapter or group of shorter chapters set by the individual teachers themselves 
  • Common Christmas Examination in December set by a selected teacher with an agreed marking scheme. This is based on the work covered in the first term. The result should go on the Christmas report with a comment. 
  • Formal common Summer Examination in May set by a selected teacher with an agreed marking scheme. This is based on the whole year’s work and is given to all first years in the Exam hall. Time: 1 hour.  The result should go on the summer report with a comment. 

 Teaching and Learning Strategies:

Negotiated learning, formal input by teacher, classroom discussion, practical work, group work, computer-based learning


  • Text & Tests 1 – Common Introductory Course for First Years
  • Text & Tests 1 Practice book  (O.D. Morris, Paul Cooke, Paul Behan)

                                                The Celtic Press

  • Sharp scientific calculator.
  • Geometry set. 

Teaching and Learning Resources:

White board, Overhead Projector, Interactive board, Computer and Data Projector, OHP Calculator, Helix Whiteboard Kit, Multiplication Bingo Kits, Measuring Tapes, Internet: Projectmaths.ie, NCCA.ie

Links to other Subjects:

Science: Distances, Speed and Time, Indices and Index Notation, Graphs

Business Studies: Percentages, VAT, Income Tax, Annual and Compound Interest, Ratio, Proportion and Foreign Exchange, Statistics

Technical Graphics: Constructions, Perimeter and area, co-ordinate geometry

Links to Learning Support/Resource:

The Learning Support Department informs all first year teachers of any difficulties or special needs which teachers need to be aware of in relation to individual pupils.

Following special assessment, some pupils may be allocated resource hours for mathematics.

Any teacher who notices any difficulties with any pupil in relation to learning mathematics should contact the Learning Support Department for further information or referral.

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